Ben Kahan
Founder and Photographer

"No one told me I could revolutionize photography and engineering in one outstanding passion."

I absolutely love what I do. Nothing brings out your inner child like remote controlled (dare I say) toys. My time is not only dedicated to flying these 'toys' around - I am a student, a maker, a 3D designer; basically, if you can see it, I do it.

So why photography? Well it's what I'm best at. Simple as that. I have personally tried my hand in web design as well. I designed the website for Sarah M. Barnett, MD, pllc. Hopefully I will have a portfolio of my 3D work up on a different website.

With everything that I do, I am proud to say that I am part of a new age of photographers and we have finally taken flight. (And if you did not already figure it out, I love puns!)


Andreas Canning
Graphics Artist, Assistant Photographer

Andreas Canning is a digital graphics artist who specializes in digital composition but does study other mediums such as: 3D-Design, Photography and Actionscript.

Visit his site!

Visit his site!